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PEG (Polyethylenglycol) Starburst(R) Dendrimers

The PEG surface groups add size and weight to an existing dendrimer structure.
  • Each PEG surface group is about 12 repeat ethyleneoxide units which can add about 587 g/mol for EACH surface group.
  • An amino dendrimer is "PEGylated" with a reactive PEG molecule to create these larger structures. We have done the chemistry for you!
  • Papers showing PEG-PAMAM ability to reformulate products (e.g. insoluble or poorly soluble molecules) has been very promising to improve solubility with interesting biological consequences.

Here are the products we offer at Andrews ChemServices with PEGylation of DAB core dendrimers:
(Note: These are not currently on the website. Please email us for pricing information.)

Product #, Surface Group (#Z)
G2-DAB-PEG, AuCS-300, 16
G3-DAB-PEG, AuCS-301, 32
G4-DAB-PEG, AuCS-302, 64
G5-DAB-PEG, AuCS-303, 128
G6-DAB-PEG, AuCS-304, 256

Here is a table of the valuable information regarding these PEGylated dendrimers in our Starburst(R) dendrimer portfolio.