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Cystamine core Starburst(R) PAMAM Dendrimers
With the functionality of a cleavable core, use Cystamine core dendrimers for dendron or single functional point applications.

Cleavable Core
  • Ideal for single point attachment applications
  • Production of precise functional focal point dendrons in one step
Cleavable Disulfide Core Application Examples
  • Designed Dendrimer Syntheses by Self-Assembly of Single-Site, ssDNA Functionalized Dendrons. Nano Lett., 4(5), 771-777 (2004)
  • Dendronization of gold and CdSe/cdS (core-shell) quantum dots with Tomalia type, thiol core, functionalized poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrons. J Luminescence, 111, 215-223 (2005)
Here is a table of the valuable information regarding our Cystamine dendrimers that are part of our Starburst(R) dendrimer portfolio.