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Handy hints - Diaminobutane (DAB) cores
The precise synthesis of the DAB core dendrimers produced by Andrews ChemServices provides high purity dendrimers.

DAB core PAMAM dendrimers have four carbons in the middle instead of the two carbons that are in the EDA (ethylenediamine) PAMAM dendrimers. We have more of DAB and Cystamine core-type of dendrimers in stock versus than any of the other types of cores.

Why use the Diaminobutane Core?
  • Mono-disperse (Polydispersity index <1.01)
  • Fewer dendritic impurities mean higher surface numbers and more precise structures that resemble the theoretical values.
Here is a table of the valuable information regarding the fundamental dendrimers of our Starburst(R) portfolio. The other surface groups are made from reacting the amino functional group of these dendrimers.